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Verify your Aadhaar on Blockchain and generate verif iable claims for your data using @Polygon ID.

Who's Verif ied

Check who's verif ied, type ETH Address, ENS or Lens handle

Send Crypto

Send crypto to eAadhaar verified address using their Phone Number
Phone number is hashed for security & privacy

Pending Transactions

2FA - Your Pending Transactions


Brings privacy first KYC into Blockchain using Polygon ID


- rather than forcing the user to download XML file from another website, we should have single place to dom that and so having a better UX

- Metamask flow is not convinient

Use Cases & Ideas

2FA Wallet

The above flow can be generalized to work with all types of transactions. We would have to add support for passing in Generic calldata which will be executed upon aadhar verification. This would work very well with Account abstraction as well.

Finance applications

Once we have identity on-chain we can build more complex financial instruments like credit scores, undercollateralizd lending, send salaries on-chain, easier automated taxation etc.

Age Proofs

We can issue age proofs claims using Aadhar in a permissionless manner. We often hear age proofs as a primary example of ZK proofs and this flow along with Aadhaar finally makes it productionizable. Age proofs can be used in DAOs and Defi.

Gated communities

Similar to token gated dapps, we can build claim gated dapps where the user can join the community only if the user has a verified aadhar claim in their Polygon ID wallet. For example, India DAO for all Indians building in Web3.